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Cheap international calls from UK
Cheap international calls from UK English  中文   Cheap international calls from UK Wednesday, 24 July 2024, 11:14 
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Refer a friend to Text & Talk / e-Topup and get ££s in FREE credit !

Get FREE International Calls credit for each & every topup done by your friends

All you need to do is to enter the mobile numbers of your friends in the form below, submit the form and then tell them to buy Text & Talk or e-Topup credit.

To buy £5 credit, your friends should text '999' to 80550 or text '999' to 67400 to buy £10 credit (and they will also get their £1 extra FREE credit for each £10 topup) for more information on Text & Talk see www.999talk.co.uk/jdcn/pages/mobiles.php.

Once a friend that you have introduced buys a £5 or £10 Text & Talk credit, you will receive 25 pence credit as a referral bonus. This applies to every topup they do from their mobile, credit earning potential is endless!

Example: if you introduce 10 friends and each one of them makes 2 Text & Talk topups per month, you will be receiving 25p x 20 topups = £5 FREE credit per month!

Refer your friends and get amazing rewards now!
Refer a friend and get FREE international call credit

Enter your mobile number
All your referral earnings will be sent to this mobile number
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Cheap international calls from UK
Cheap international calls from UK

Terms & Conditions:
You should be an existing customer of 999TALK's Text & Talk service before you can introduce a friend. Your referral friends should not be existing 999TALK customers (never sent any text message to 80876, 80041, 80556, 80550 or 67400). You will get referral credit for each and every valid new customer you introduce to 999TALK's Text & Talk service. You are allowed up to 10 referrals per submission. These referrals should be mobile numbers belonging to one of your existing friends, you are not allowed to enter random mobile numbers or numbers of people you do not personally know. All numbers should be standard UK mobile numbers. We reserve the right to cancel this offer and/or block specific mobile numbers if fraudulent activity is suspected.

Cheap international calls from UK

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